Dating Coach Tips – When to Stop Dating Someone

Stop Dating

There are dates that you know you wouldn’t like to repeat. It could be due to strange behavior, lack of attraction, incompatibility, and many other factors. Even if you don’t want to hurt the other person, it is only right, to be honest about how you feel and say a firm “no” to another date.

However, there are also dates where everything is going smoothly. The conversation is going smoothly and you feel the chemistry between the two of you.

So going on a second date seems like a good idea, and so is the third date and so on and so forth. But as you go out more, you seem to be looking for reasons to not go out on the next date. You don’t feel things progressing. You might want to consult with a dating coach.

Here are some suggestions on how to figure things out if you feel like you don’t want to date someone:

• If you feel stressed about seeing the other person again, stop dating. The chemistry between two people comes naturally, but it doesn’t come if you don’t even want to date again. It would be better for you and the other party if you don’t see each other again. It will be less trouble for you. Don’t suffer through bad dates just because you can’t seem to say no to being asked out.

• If you are still having fun even if things are not at the same pace as you’d like, keep dating. It is a bad idea to continue dating if you feel uncertain about the other person. It is crueler than breaking up because it might make the other person develop stronger feelings for you. But if you are still enjoying your dates, then give it a chance and continue dating.

• If you are starting to fake everything during a date, it’s time to stop. You have to laugh, smile, and talk with sincerity when you date. But if you fake emotions, hoping that real feelings will pick up soon enough, a dating coach might tell you to stop dating.

• If you still feel excited about all the things that you want to tell your date the next time you meet, it’s worth seeing him or her again. If you keep thinking about all the things that you will talk about when you see each other, it means that your date has somehow reached your subconscious. This should be enough reason to go on a few more dates.

• If you are asking for advice on whether to continue dating or not, it might be better to just stop it to put an end to your misery. You have to make up your mind if you really like him or her, or at least tolerate your agony over your indecisiveness to continue dating or not.

An experienced dating coach will guide you in figuring out whether or not you should pursue your date. You can use these tips to avoid a dating disaster in the future.…

Dating and Hanging Out: Similar or Not?

Hanging Out

Have you ever experienced dating someone? What about having hung out with someone? Did you ever wonder what the difference that lies between these two concepts is?

Generally, if we are going to ask teenagers, they will probably tell us that the difference is that dating is what you do with someone you want to be serious with, whereas hanging out is what you do with good friends. I respect such a view, however, we adults may have a slightly deeper analysis of it.

Would you agree with me if I say that the two seem very similar?

My simple formula here is that when finding yourself in a position where you would want to ask some out on a date, then it follows that you would be interested in hanging out with that person. It’s in hanging where you get to know each other better, and it is where you build a strong foundation for a future relationship. Likewise, applying the Mathematical principle of contrapositive, we can safely say that when a person does not want to hang out with someone, then he probably would not want to date the latter. Now, looking at this relationship, I would like to believe that dating and hanging out are similar.

Now, let us try to support this conjecture with some concrete actual situations.

To begin with, remember that whether it be dating or hanging out, it serves as a premise for a serious relationship. In both concepts, you discover the likes, dislikes, habits, hopes, goals, and dreams of the person you are dating with or hanging out with. You get similar results. Another is that you want to hang out because you probably want to spend the rest of your life with the person. Apparently, a similar thing is true in dating. You want to date, so you probably want to hang out with that person, hence, you most likely would want to spend the rest of your life with that person. In both cases also, you will eventually discover the most revealing life stories of each other, hence a journey to a lifetime relationship.

Having said those, you may now enjoy dating and/or hanging out with the person whom you want to be with for the rest of your life! Whether it is dating or hanging out, you will still achieve similar results. Date. Hang Out. Fall in love.…